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Jan 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
judge has denied that request. the pentagon has authorized only a closed-circuit broadcast to several military bases in the northeast u-s. >> jacqueline: iwe can see the increase in cloud coverage for this weekend and the even the possibility of rainfall but very slight. >> catherine: we are going to get back to weather and first officials in east palo alto are asking for help to avoid a flooded creek is a corroded levy. new at six. support donors have come forward. tonight officials in east palo alto are asking for the states help to fix a corroded levy along the san francisquito creek that's the same creek that flooded a near by neighborhood back on december 23rd. and as kron 4's scott rates reports the mayor of that town is not taking any chances. >> we are conten trying to appeal to the national level and state level to try to get funding for this problem. >> reporter: right now the creek is fine in the levels are good but if there is a another big storm these could give way. the engineers say that these need to be repaired but they do not have the money. that is why it is declare
Jan 11, 2013 4:00am PST
clinton's recent medical ordeal that kept away from work for weeks. >> earlier on thursday at the pentagon secretary of defense lyonnais panetta welcomed the afghan leader. sources say the president arrived with the wish list of military equipment. >> what we talked about yesterday was let's move beyond a wish list of equipment. it is fair to say we made very good progress on the key issues we discussed. >> our meeting i believe will help lead the groundwork for presence arzi discussion with president obama on these and other topics prepar. >> provide security for the people. >> the obama administration warns not to expect any thing about troop numbers to come out of the meeting. the two sides are moving closer to ending the 11 year war on tower and began a stand. >> i am ed payne reporting. >> also this morning president joe biden will be meeting with gun groups. including in are a representative as it moves toward as head of president obamas task force to fight gun violence. >> already, the vice president and else in the group will have some recommendations for the president by tuesday.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2